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Liberty Horse Training Sticks - Pair

Liberty Horse Training Sticks - Pair
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A Pair of Liberty Horse Training Sticks by Horse Education Company. 

The Liberty Sticks act as an extension of your arm - not as a whip. There lightweight design gives you more feel, accuracy, and versatility when teaching your horse!

The Liberty Horse Sticks are a perfect fit for working with all sizes of horse or pony as they are available in the following sizes:

  • The Liberty Stick with Short Lash has a 46" shaft, a 16" tail and a 13" lash.
  • The Liberty stick with Long Lash has a 40” shaft with a 40” tail and a 10” lash.
  • Supplied as a Pair of Liberty Sticks

Once you get past the initial stages of liberty development (the Motivation Phase), a more precise tool is a must. A regulation stick and string is slow, heavy and less precise than a liberty stick. The Horse Education Company's specially selected liberty sticks feature a soft and durable grip handle, light yet precise lashes, and are specifically designed for clear and responsive motion. 

Available as a Pair. We recommend using both in tandem in order to cover long and short range simultaneously. Can also be used as a cue aid while driving or for more accurate body shaping while lungeing, when you want the horse to soften a particular part of his body.

"This short lash stick has a really good light and lively feel that I love. It carries your motion accurately and can be soft when you need it to be and quick and effective when you need it. I most often pair it with a long lash stick so that I can work short and long range simultaneously. The long lash tool has a lively feel, with a longer reach because of the extended lash. It gives a similar feel to a "regulation" stick and string because you still have a long lash, but it is lighter and more responsive and therefor a faster, more responsive tool." ~ Kalley Krickeberg, Liberty Horse Trainer

Delivery Surcharge -

We send our training sticks by courier, due to their size, and in some cases you may need to pay a surcharge in addition to our standard shipping charge.

Please be sure to select your delivery address from the drop-down box when adding this product to your basket.

For delivery addresses in the following areas, a £25 surcharge applies:

·         Northern Scotland (above Glasgow / Edinburgh) and Scottish Islands

·         Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight

·         Northern Ireland


For all other delivery addresses in mainland England and Wales there is no surcharge.

If you are unsure which location to choose for shipping, or you want to buy more than one pair of liberty sticks, or your delivery address is overseas and you would like a quotation, please call us on 01434 422700 or email 

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