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Mustad Riders Hoof Rasp Pro

Mustad Riders Hoof Rasp Pro
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Price: £33.95
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Model: URBAN-RASP3001
Manufacturer: MUSTAD
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The NEW improved Mustad Riders Hoof Rasp Pro. It has the longer lasting, sharper Mustad rasp blades. Lightweight and Easy To Use.

Ideal for every horse owner or hoof boot users to round off their horses hooves inbetween the trimming cycles. 

Mustad Hoof Rasp Pro features are as follows - See Additional Images!

  • Designed by W.J. Tomlinson, an American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier
  • Blades can be easily replaced
  • Extensively tested over a number of years
  • Rasp blades manufactured to 52 Rockwell hardness, with a stainless steel protective plate
  • Non-slip sides, ergonomic grip can be reversed for small or large hands
  • Improves hoof condition and helps prevent chips and cracks
  • Helps to eliminate flare and ease breakover
  • Supports hoof balance and soundness
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money
  • Ideal for youngsters and shod horses as well as unshod and barefoot equines

The innovative Riders Rasp has already taken the hoof care market by storm. The Riders Rasp allows the horse owner to improve the quality and care of their horses feet and save money - not something you would expect to hear in the same sentence! The riders rasp can be safely used by horse owners to control flare, round or roll the edge of the hoof wall (known also as a mustang roll), and maintain a quick breakover in between professional trims. The way this tool has been designed allows the horses hoof to be held to the side and in one hand, the same as if you were picking the feet out which is far safer and more user friendly than a conventional rasp.

The other problem for horse owners using a traditional rasp is the danger of removing too much hoof wall which can compromise the hoof capsule. There is no danger of this happening with the Riders Rasp, so horse owners can quickly and confidently attend to their horses feet without fear of doing any damage. Every barefoot horse owner knows the importance of keeping the hoof in balance and maintaining the rolled edge, and the Riders Rasp will allow the horse owner to maintain the hoof in the correct shape, thus allowing longer periods between professional trims. By correctly maintaining the hoof (ideally as discussed with their hoof care professional), the hoof is able to grow and strengthen far more consistently which can dramatically decrease the time it takes to rectify hoof abnormalities such as flare. A good rolled edge is essential to help prevent chips and splits in the hoof wall, which makes the Riders Rasp invaluable for horse owners who want to ensure their horses feet stay in perfect condition all year round. If a shod horse looses a shoe, the most common problem is the loss of hoof due to chipping and splitting before the farrier can come to replace the lost shoe. It is also a very safe and easy way to introduce a young horse to the idea of having his feet trimmed. The Riders Rasp allows the horse owner to quickly and easily apply a roll to help prevent any damage to the hoof and thus allow the shoe to be successfully reapplied when the time comes.

The Rasp has been made to the highest specifications, and the professional quality, long lasting rasp blades are replaceable. The rasp is ergonomically designed, and can be used with either the larger or smaller end in the palm of the horse owners hand (the blades are quickly and easily reversed) depending on hand size and preference.

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Mustad Riders Hoof Rasp Pro
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Mustad Riders Hoof Rasp Pro
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