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Bitless Horse Bridle - Scawbrig Bosal Bitless Noseband

Bitless Horse Bridle - Scawbrig Bosal Bitless Noseband
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Price: £19.95
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Manufacturer: URBAN HORSE
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Urban Horse Promotes a Scawbrig Bosal Horse Bitless Bridle Noseband Attachment. Attaches to existing horse bridle available in Black. High Quality Beta Padded Nose Strap and polypropylene chin strap. Hand stitched for Strength and Durability.

This Scawbrig Bosal Bridle Noseband attachment attaches to your existing bridle and is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following 3 sizes:

Each size has plenty of adjustment for the perfect fit. To find the correct size measure round your horse's nose midway between the prominent cheekbone and the corner of the lips (See Additional Images for Measuring Guide!)

  • Pony (Pony to Small Cob) = 14.5 to 17.5 inches 
  • Horse (Large Cob to Large Horse) = 18 to 22 inches
  • Warmblood (Warmblood / Draught) = 21+ inches

The Scawbrig Bosal is one of the simplest bitless bridles available as it consists of a noseband that fits to a regular bridle.

From the back of the noseband, on each side, the chin strap extends behind the jaw to cross over to the opposite side, passing through loops to attach to the reins.

It acts as a sidepull when each rein is used independently. When both reins are used together it tightens around the horse’s nose and releasing when the reins are eased. This action is similar to using an indian bosal.

Our Scawbrig Bosals are handmade in the UK, where the beta nosebands and loops are provide extra comfort and security.

Instead of using painful knots on the noseband our Scawbrig Bosals are one of the most robust and attractive versions available.

Colour :

Scawbrig Bosal Bitless Bridle Noseband Attachment - Made from the Finest Quality Materials and Very Affordable!

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Bitless Horse Bridle - Scawbrig Bosal Bitless Noseband
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