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About Us

Urban Horse was started by Carolyn Hymers in 2009. It was born from her ideologies of how she cared for and managed her own horses. Carolyn’s biggest teacher was her beloved horse, Chalice, and all the steps they both learnt and took throughout the years to keep him sound. Carolyn began researching, learning about the importance of movement, diet, and hoof health. She developed a better understanding about the significance of allowing horses to move without restriction and becoming even more passionate about barefoot management, and working with her horses more naturally. Urban Horse was created to help other horse owners to do the same whilst offering a product range that reflects a more natural approach.

Urban Horse bringing a natural balance back to horse and rider!

Urban Horse has grown so much throughout the years and now supplies a complete range of natural products for the barefoot and bitless horse and rider, including hoof boots, hoof trimming tools, bitless bridles, horse bareback pads, horsemanship equipment, slow feeders for horses and alternative therapy products. Customer focus, our product range, product knowledge and being passionate about what we do has enabled this growth and also are largely what sets us apart from our competitors. We care about what we supply and often trial various products to get better hands-on understanding of them. These trials are always blogged on either our website or on our social media platforms.

Urban Horse purchased Charlies Products in 2018. Charlies Products specialises in bareback saddle pads, horsemanship equipment and slow feeding products for horses. Both companies continue to support and run alongside each other.

All orders are processed and shipped quickly. We are always easy to contact by phone or email and all Urban Horse supplies are supported by a no-hassle returns policy.

As well as numerous positive customer reviews and everyday referrals, we came 2nd in The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) SEIB Mail Order / Internet Retailer of the year awards in both 2017 and 2020. This level of recognition for the Urban Horse team’s passion, dedication and hard work are all an amazing achievement and makes us continue to be consistent and good at what we do. 

If you need help with hoof boot sizing or advice on any of our other carefully selected products. Then our friendly and knowledgeable team are dedicated to helping you find what you are looking for.

Call us on 01434 422700 or email us at