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Rockies Hoof Right Salt Lick For Horses - 2kg

Rockies Hoof Right Salt Lick For Horses - 2kg
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Manufacturer: ROCKIES
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A 2kg Rockies Hoof Right Salt Lick for Horses. 2kg Hoof Right Salt Lick. The Rockies Hoof Right helps to improve hoof integrity, quality and strength. It is ideal for horses, ponies and donkeys.

The Rockies Hoof Right is a proven formulation containing high levels of Biotin, and highly bioavailable sources of Zinc and Copper, and is suitable for unrestricted supplementary feeding. Simply hang the salt lick in your stable or field shelter using the Rockies Salt Lick Holder so your horse can access the salt lick when they require.

The Rockies Hoof Right not only contains essential salt, but also vital minerals and trace elements. Hoof Right helps to replace the missing goodness in your horse or pony’s diet that is crucial to maintaining their health.       

The Rockies Hoof Right Salt Lick contains the following:

  • Biotin
  • 3 types of zinc
  • 4 types of copper
  • 2 sources of protected zinc
  • 2 sources of protected copper
  • Aniseed Tastetite flavouring for improved intakes
  • Hoof Right can be fed to all equines as a valuable mineral supplement, with a special emphasis on hoof health
  • 40 to 60 day supply in a convenient 2kg size salt lick block

Please Click Here for the Rockies Salt Lick Holder to house the salt lick!

Biotin when supplemented at the correct levels, has been shown to improve the growth, integrity and strength of horses hooves. Biotin when fed in conjunction with protected sources of zinc and copper provides a winning formula for improving your horse’s hooves.

Zinc has been a tried and trusted supplement for improving hoof wall growth and repair. Each Hoof Right contains 5000mg / kg of zinc in 3 forms, with 2/3 being supplied by two different protected sources.

Copper is beneficial in the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissue in the hoof, this is why Hoof Right contains 4 separate sources of copper, half of which is supplied by protected copper for improved bioavailability.

Caution: please do NOT feed to sheep.

A totally natural product that really works!

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