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Alternative Therapy Products - What Are They And Which To Choose?

Alternative Therapy Products - What Are They And Which To Choose?

The way we care and look after our horse and pony’s is changing and people are looking towards a more natural horse management style including natural ways to support their health.

Recent times have bought an explosion of natural equine therapy products all aimed at enabling healing, recovery and well-being.

The technology involved in the products can seem a bit confusing or daunting even, so we’ve tried to break it down a little for you.

The majority of therapy products are essentially aimed at stimulating circulation (blood flow)

Increased Circulation allows oxygenated blood to flow around the body sending essential nutrients and proteins to damaged or ailing parts of the body. Good circulation speeds up recovery and is essential to maintain good health.

Although all therapy products are designed to increase circulation different products are aimed at achieving this in different ways:

  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Infrared, Thermal Heat Therapy
  • Micro-current, Massage Therapy
  • Thermoregulation Therapy

Once you know what you want your therapy product to do, it often comes down to personal preference as to which product you choose.

Always read the instructions and follow the manufactures guidelines as some products may not be suitable for certain medical conditions.



Most magnetic therapy products use magnets to stimulate heat (energy) in the body which is believed to stimulate circulation. High strength magnets will enable increased localised blood circulation, warming the area and widening the blood vessels. The more efficient blood flow will help the absorption of oxygen and nutrients as well as helping to remove toxins and stimulate the body to heal itself naturally.

  • Most magnetic therapy products are used for short periods of time. 4 to 8 hours max
  • They are used while your horse is at rest only
  • These are localised products so choose the product to correspond with the affected area, ie fetlock boots if this is problematic area
  • The stronger the magnet the further the magnetic pulse travels
  • Magnets are measured in Gauss – the higher the gauss the stronger the magnet
  • Suitable for you, your horse, your dog
  • MagnoEase / Premier Equine / Le Mieux / Equilibrium / Bioflow



Magnetic resonance works differently to more traditional magnetic therapy products. Magnetic resonance technology creates series of low-frequency magnetic energy that, in turn, creates a spinning effect around the body.

The spinning impact is designed to rebalance cell activity, known as ‘biomagnetic rebalancing’ and balanced cells are considered healthy cells. As magnetic resonance uses low-frequency magnetic energy it can safely be used 24/7.

  • Magnetic Resonance products can be used continuously, no need to keep to a schedule
  • Suitable for you, your horse, your dog
  • Streamz 



Infrared technology uses the body’s own energy (heat) as a means of stimulating circulation through the use of special ceramic infused fabrics. These fabrics are designed to reflect the energy back to the body as a far-infrared wavelength which are able to penetrate deeper into body tissue to stimulate blood flow, to increase well-being and generate a positive effect for muscles and joints.

It is recommended that you build up the use of infrared products. Use a maximum of 4 Hours for the first 3 to 4 days then at least 8 hours or more thereafter.



Micro-current therapy is used to stimulate the molecules within the body’s cells. Specifically micro-currents stimulate the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) which is responsible for the flow of essential nutrients in and out of each cell. When an injury / disease occurs the rate of ATP is decreased, and cells are less efficient at producing ATP. This decrease in ATP slows down the healing rate. Micro-currents are used to increase the production of ATP to kick-start and accelerates the body’s recovery, allowing pain reduction and healing to start more quickly.

  • Used for limited periods only up to 3 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for you, your horse



Massage stimulates circulation using various products to help soothe and heal muscle groups within the body.

Manual aids such as massage mitts with textured surfaces or vibrating pads are all designed to stimulate and help reduce tension within the muscle as well as bring a sense of well-being.



Thermoregulation therapy is a process that allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature. Excessive temperature, high or low, can create problems for the body so maintaining a balanced temperature is key for optimum body function.

Excessive heat through exercise and or inflammation can cause strain as well as pain. Using ‘cooling’ products reduce the chance of inflammation and help the body to recover more quickly after exercise or injury. Some products like Ice-Vibe hock boots for example, combine the effects of cooling and massage therapy to effectively treat various hock issues and hock damage.

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