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Be Nice Halter - Horse Training Halter

Be Nice Halter - Horse Training Halter
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Price: £39.95
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Manufacturer: BE NICE
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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A Be Nice Halter for Training Horses and Ponies. Black in colour. 

These are genuine Be Nice Halters and the design is patented, nothing else is as effective.

The Be Nice Halter works on the simple principle that when the horse resists, pressure is automatically applied and when the horse begins to co-operate, the pressure is automatically released. Therefore it is not just a restraint, but a very effective training device as well. Work with your horse to build a bond with the Be Nice Halter being used as a simple tool. However never tie up with the Be Nice Halter.

This Be Nice Halter is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following sizes: Please see the size chart below.

  • XS - Weanling / Shetland
  • Small - Yearling / Small Pony             
  • Medium - Pony          
  • Large - Arab / Small Cob 
  • XL - Large Cob / Horse 
  • XXL - Large Horse / Warmblood 
  • Draft Small - Draft    
  • Draft Large - Shire 

To Measure - Measure your horse or pony from the bottom of the cheek bone over the poll to the bottom of the opposite cheek bone, and then add 7 cm's. Only as an approximate but the Be Nice Halters come up a pinch on the smaller size, we find most horses / ponies need to size up if the sizes you measure at land on the upper end of a size in the chart below.

XS  73 to 77cm
SMALL  78cm to 82cm
MEDIUM  83cm to 87cm
LARGE  88cm to 92cm
XL  93cm to 97cm
XXL 98cm to 102cm
DRAFT SMALL 103cm to 107cm
108cm to 112cm

This Be Nice Halter is available in the following colours:

  • Black

If you are not sure on what size to order please call Urban Horse on 01434 422700 or email -

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Be Nice Halter - Made from the Finest Quality Materials but Affordable!

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Be Nice Halter - Horse Training Halter
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Be Nice Halter - Horse Training Halter
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