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Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover - 150g Filling

Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover - 150g Filling
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Price: £87.95
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Model: URBAN-5033
Manufacturer: CATAGO
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Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover. Available in 150 Grams. The neck cover has woven ceramic particles, infrared technology for increased wellness and recovery, prevention of injuries, relieving tense neck muscles as well as aiding in the recovery of old and new neck injuries.

The Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover easily attaches to the Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Rug. Simply choose the same size as the rug it needs to attach too. 

Give your horse maximum comfort with the most innovative functionality on the market. The neck has an air channel along the mane line which allows the mane to breathe and oxygen to circulate. This helps to prevent irritation in the mane and hair loss. In addition, the neck has its closing system at the side, allowing a completely new shape of the neck compared to traditional neck designs. The new shape prevents the cold air from entering the rug at the horse's chest. 

The Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover is available in the following sizes. Please choose the same size to match your horses normal Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Rug size. 

  • 125cm
  • 135 / 145cm
  • 155 / 165cm
  • Black in colour

The Ceramic - Material means that your horse can benefit from the restorative properties of infrared heat.

How it works:

Ceramic material is woven into the fibres of the fabric. The ceramic material reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat, an energy form known to increase well-being.

Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury making it really popular among all horse owners.

Features include:

  • Easily opened with velcro
  • Side closing system
  • Attached to the rug with a snap hook in an elastic strap
  • Outer Material - 100% polyester
  • Insulation - Synthermax fibre fill
  • Lining - Polyester and ceramics
  • Machine Washable up to 30 degrees C. Do not tumble dry and air dry only.

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Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover - 150g Filling
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Catago Fir-Tech Turnout Neck Cover - 150g Filling
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