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Cryochaps Horse Ice Boots / Wraps - Pair

Cryochaps Horse Ice Boots / Wraps - Pair
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Manufacturer: CRYOCHAPS
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Cryochaps Ice Boots / Wraps for Horses - Supplied in a pair (fronts or hinds) or as a quad (4 set).

Equine Ice Bath Therapy - the indispensible ice wrap / chap for horses post exercise and post injury for every discipline.

Cryochaps have been designed not only to help in the rehabilitation after injury and return to exercise, but more importantly, be part of an everyday cool-down routine to focus on recovery and injury prevention. They are a brilliant and easy alternative to cold hosing. A great idea for reducing swelling, cooling tendons after exercise or treating injuries.

Ice / Compression are proven to help with the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Recovery from injuries
  • Recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Preventing injury

The Cryochaps Ice Boots / Leg Wraps are supplied in the following sizes:

  • One sizes fits from 14hh to 17.2hh
  • Supplied in Pairs (Fronts or Hinds) or as a Quad (4 Set)
  • Navy in Colour

The Cryochaps Ice Boots / Leg Wraps features are as follows:

  • Cover all major tendons & ligaments in the lower leg anatomy.
  • Easy to apply to the leg, just wrap & strap.
  • Symmetrical in design so can apply to right or left leg.
  • Compression applied with stretch neoprene.
  • Non-toxic gel that maintains low temperatures.
  • Smooth material to go against the leg.
  • Gel filled compartments mould to the horse’s leg & are malleable.
  • Seals prevent gel sinking to the bottom of the boot.
  • Temperature against leg is decreased quickly to less than 10 degrees centigrade.
  • Alternative to water therapy which may prevent dermatitis associated with constantly wet legs & saves water. every discipline.

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Cryochaps Horse Ice Boots / Wraps - Pair
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Cryochaps Horse Ice Boots / Wraps - Pair
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