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Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener

Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener
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Price: £31.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: URBAN-DA1
Average Rating: Not Rated

A Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener. Used by Farriers and Barefoot Trimmers to help keep their knives and nippers sharp. 

Designed for deburring and sharpening farriers tools - and more! Use for straight and curved hoof knives, loop knives, nippers and many other hoof trimming tools.

  • Tapered sharpening rod for curved blades
  • Removable sharpening blades for straight blades
  • Two ceramic slots for deburring and sharpening straight blades
  • Leather pad, for polishing and razor sharp finish
  • Ergonomically shaped, foldable design
  • Even includes a bottle opener!

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Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener
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Diamond All-in-1 Sharpener
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