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Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp

Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp
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A Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp. The mini rasp comes with a green handle attached and is an ideal rasp for all horse owners. 

The Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp is ideal for trimming the feet of miniature horses or ponies. It is also really useful for light maintenance of all size hooves. With a work surface of only 8.5 inches compared to the 14 inches of a standard hoof rasp, this rasp is light and easy to use. Ideal for use where the hoof needs to be held in one hand, rather than between the legs, with the rasp in the other.

  • Rasp side with aggressive teeth and the file side with fine teeth
  • Length: 8.5 inches

Perfect in all conditions to make trimming hooves easy!

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Diamond Mini Hoof Rasp
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