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Fly-Off Refill Pods - 8 Pack

Fly-Off Refill Pods - 8 Pack
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Manufacturer: FLY-OFF
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Fly-Off Refill Pods - 8 Pack. There are 3 x types to choose from and the refill pods simply fit into your existing Fly-Off Horse and Rider Starter Pack. 

Only an 8 x pack of refill pods supplied to be inserted into you existing Fly-Off Horse and Rider Starter Pack. An ideal natural way to help keep the flies away. Each pod / insert lasts up to 14 days approx. Cost effective and ideal for sensitive skin. Helps repel flies, mites, fleas and other insects.

Choose from the 3 x types of Fly-Off Refill Pod Packs as follows:

  • 8 x Citro Power Tablets (citronella, eucalyptus and gerenoil) - Very strong lemon smell. Citro based products some biting flies hate the smell plus these inserts are so strong smelling they will help mask other smells which attract flies.
  • 8 x Neem Extra Strength Tablets (neem oil, peppermint and lavender) - Neem Oil doesnt smell the nicest but is very strong and ideal for horses and for areas where biting flies or fruit flies are at abundance.
  • 8 x Wintea Power Tablets (gaultheria, tea tree and black pepper) - Very strong antiseptic smell. Most biting insects do not like the smell of these oils & are so strong will mask the smell of CO2 & body odour which attracts biting flies.
  • Each tablet lasts up to 14 days 
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Fly-Off Refill Pods - 8 Pack
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Fly-Off Refill Pods - 8 Pack
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