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Booting Barefoot Horses FAQ's

Booting Barefoot Horses FAQ's
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Urban Horse's - Booting Barefoot Horses FAQ’s

My horse has his width in one size, and length in the next size up/down, which size should I choose?
If the horses measurements are only one size apart, you must go for the larger size or ideally look to see if another hoof boot is more appropriate. If you go for the smaller boot in this instance, you risk rubbing or not being able to get the boot on at all!

My horses measurements are at the top of one size and the bottom of the next size up, which size will work best?
If the width and length fit into both sizes, with at least one measurement at the extreme of the size, go for the smaller size as this will offer the closest fit as we have found that hoof boots work best with a tight width in particular. If one measurement is just into the size above, you will most likely have to go for the larger size as rubbing may occur.

Do the boots come with a warranty or guarantee?
All hoof boot manufacturers offer a 90 day guarantee against faults in the materials or workmanship. These guarantees are given in addition to your statutory rights, please see the terms of the warranties for full details. If a boot fails (this does not include damage caused to the boot) during warranty, it is usually a minor hardware issue. Please bear in mind that most components of hoof boots are either replaceable or repairable and most repairs can be easily accomplished with simple household tools. In most cases you will be asked to first email a picture of the problem through to enable a quick resolution, but we may also ask that you return the boots to us for evaluation.

I like a certain hoof boot but my horses measurements don’t really fit into any of the sizes, can I still use it?
Every type of hoof boot has its merits, but a hoof boot that fit’s the size and shape of the horses foot most closely is more likely to give miles of stress free riding than a hoof boot that doesn’t fit properly. The best hoof boots that are the incorrect fit tend to get trodden on or fall off / break and generally cause hassle so it is better to choose one that may not be your first choice but you know is a good fit measurement wise first.

Can I use hoof boots over shoes for a shod horse?
Hoof boots were not really designed to be used over shoes as this can cause excessive wear in the boots, but some people have had to use them for this purpose for example on an old or injured horse. The NEW Mac, Trails or the RX normally fare best if they are to be used for long periods and with controlled turnout, but in all cases using boots over shod hooves will invalidate the warranties.

Can I turn my horse out or keep him stabled in hoof boots?
Hoof boots have really been designed for working barefoot horses, and horses under saddle are generally more under control than horses at liberty. Hoof boots and in particular the NEW Mac, Trails or the RX do fare well being used during non ridden situations, but there is a greater chance of the boot getting damaged or pulled off when the horse is rolling or playing for example. Shod horses are also more likely to loose shoes in the field than when being ridden for the same reasons!

Can I boot just the fronts or hinds of my horse and leave the others bare / shod?
Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to boot just a pair of feet (but never one hoof of a pair, or one front and one back) as they fronts and hinds serve different purposes to the horse. It is common in approx 75% of cases than only the front (greater weight bearing) hooves need protection, and the hinds are comfortable without. With driving horses it is often the reverse as the hinds tend to push more thus need the protection more than the fronts.

Can you jump and do everything you can with a shod horse when wearing hoof boots?
Yes, with the correct hoof boots correctly fitted there is no reason why your horse cannot gallop, jump, splash through rivers and do everything you would have done with him shod.

What are the best boots for long periods or riding / endurance?
Boots that fit below the hairline such as the Scoot, Glove or Epics are ideally suited to performance horse work. If your horses feet fit this style of hoof boot we would always recommend them first, but often the foot shape is such that another style is more suitable, in which case that is generally the best boot. Every hoof boot can perform well for long periods, boots that fit above the coronet band may require you to protect the horse from potential rubbing, but this is little trouble compared to a boot that is not designed for the shape of the horses hooves and therefore doesn’t fit properly.

Can I use studs with hoof boots?
Yes, Easycare / Fusion produce studs for use with any of their riding hoof boots. We do advise they should only be used on soft surfaces as with any stud. 

Will hoof boots stay on in deep mud / water?
As long as the boot fits well and is correctly fitted, there is no more chance of loosing a hoof boot than there is loosing a metal shoe in mud or water.

Do I have to use the same make of hoof boots on all 4 feet?
No, hooves are booted in pairs, and as the front feet are usually a different shape from the hinds, you may find one style of boot will fit the front feet and need a different style for the hinds.

When should I consider using a pad in the hoof boots?
If your horse is sore, susceptible to concussion or has feet that need to improve internally / externally you should use a 12mm comfort pad of a style to fit the boot you are using. The 6mm pads are a good ‘insurance policy’ and offer shock absorbance and continued hoof improvement for viable hooves. Other pads that provide frog pressure or remedial support including memory foam pads can be used if able to fit within the hoof boot for extra comfort / support.

Should I go up a size if I am going to use hoof comfort pads?
No, all pads are made to fit into a correctly sized hoof boot.

How long do hoof boots last?
Hoof boots are very durable, and on average will outlast steel shoes 3:1. Add to that the fact that most horses will not be wearing them 24hrs a day and they really can be a significantly cheaper option than shoeing in the long term! Some horses are very hard on their boots (as they would be with metal shoes) and action, conformation and terrain all play a part in determining the lifespan of your boots.

If still unsure please contact us - or tel - 01434 422700

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