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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot

Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot
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Price: £83.95 £79.95
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: EASYCARE INC
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Easycare Trail Hoof Boot. Trail Hoof Boots Are Tough Wearing and Exceptional Value For Money. Helping Bring a Natural Balance Back to Your Horse or Pony!

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot features are as follows - Please See Additional Images!

Sold in singles = 1 x hoof boot supplied.

  • Sold Individually
  • Ideal for first time users
  • Probably the easiest hoof boot currently on the market to use, opens right out to get the hoof in
  • TPU sole offers excellent durability and grip on all terrain
  • Slim, anatomical fit for ultimate comfort and style keeps this (correctly fitting) hoof boot on in even the deepest mud, water or sand
  • Ideal for padding to help rehabilitate / loss of shoe
  • Allows greater time between trims (up to 6 weeks in most horses)

The improved features for the Easyboot Trail hoof boot features are -

  • The upper of the boot had been made more durable with the addition of the front, wrap-around shield. The rivets have been made bigger as well
  • The upper rim of the boot has been made with neoprene, to make it more comfortable. It now has two rolls of cushion, instead of the single leather roll of the original Trail
  • With the invention of the Snug Strap came the concept of including it with the boot, therefore you do not require a hole punch to add snug strap
  • With the attachment system simply screwed on, it means the snug strap can easily be removed if not required or it can easily be replaced if it ever gets damaged
  • The hook and loop closure on the back, has been improved to a higher grade. The loops are criss-cross in layout instead of in rows. This means a lower-profile (less room for mud and debris) and tighter grip in your closure system
  • The back of the New Easycare Trail has been changed to incorporate the Back Country to make it more comfortable and more secure. 

The Easycare Trail Hoof Boot is available in the following Sizes - Please See Size Chart Below

SIZE            Width in mm's   Length in mm's
0 100 - 105mm 105 - 110mm
1 105 - 110mm 110 - 115mm
2 110 - 115mm 115 - 120mm
3 115 - 120mm 120 - 125mm
4 120 - 125mm 125 - 130mm
5 125 - 130mm 130 - 135mm
6 130 - 135mm 135 - 140mm
7 135 - 140mm 140 - 145mm
8 140 - 145mm 145 - 150mm
9 145 - 150mm 150 - 155mm
10 150 - 155mm 155 - 160mm
11 155 - 165mm 160 - 170mm
12 165 - 170mm 170 - 180mm



Suitable for: Ideal for horses with slightly longer than wide hooves, but also usually work well on round and long hooves.

Not suitable for: Horses with much wider than long hooves. Not intended for long distance or endurance riding (usually over 25 miles).

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot is the very latest hoof boot for barefoot horses from the Easycare stable. The Easyboot trail is such a simple hoof boot, and is supplied in singles to allow you to fit each hoof correctly or replace a worn or damaged boot. This superb value hoof boot has been designed to allow for up to 6 weeks growth for most horses and is recommended for medium distance riding - upto 25 miles per week (usually an average of 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day) so ideal for most leisure riders. The Easyboot trail is a simple hoof boot to use, no force required just a quick and very easy double velcro closure and a single snug strap at the rear- nothing else to worry about! This revolutionary hoof boot will open right up for fitting so works well on impatient horses or those that find it hard to stand on three legs for long periods. The Easyboot trail hoof boot can be used with a variety of pads (Old Mac Pads fit the trail hoof boot) inside, making it an incredibly valuable tool for transitioning barefoot horses too. The traction is superb and the design is such that you can ride through mud, water, sand, rocks and anything else you can find without fear of losing a (correctly fitting) boot with a free stride and good breakover. The easyboot trail hoof boot fits neatly at the top with a soft collar which helps to prevent debris from entering the boot and has a toe strike plate to give excellent wear resistance. This trail boot is also ideal for shod horses to replace a lost shoe, and can be used over shoes for extra protection.

 * Please note that the use of any hoof boot over metal shoes will invalidate the warranty. 

For any assistance with choosing the right type and size of Easycare Hoof Boot please do not hesitate to email us on or call us on 01434 422700 - We are here to help you find the right boot for your horse / pony!

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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot
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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot
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