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Parallax Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder - Standard Grill Version

Parallax Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder - Standard Grill Version
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Price: £149.95
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Model: URBAN-PAXC004
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A Parallax Horse Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder with the Standard Size Grill. Hard wearing frost resistant plastic and designed for outdoor use to minimise hay wastage and to promote healthy eating.  

The hay saver grill sizes are as follows:

  • Standard Grills - Holes Sizes = 185mm long x 85mm wide 

100% British Made and is a 3 in 1 product - Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder. Water Trough and Hay Soaker as follows:

  1. Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder - simply slide back the lid, fill with hay, place the grill on top of the hay, slide the lid back in place. 
  2. Water trough - Simply remove the lid & grill and fill with water (of course you won't be able to do this if you have drilled drainage holes)
  3. Hay Soaker - Drill some holes in the side of the feeder to make emptying dirty water easy or simply tip the hay saver up and let the water pour out.
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The Horse Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder intends to keep your horse occupied which prevents boredom, chewing, cribbing etc. The hay is also protected from the elements when used in the field.

The features of the Horse Hay Saver / Horse Hay Slow Feeder are as follows:

  • Very Portable - weighing 12.5kg when empty. The hay saver is easy to move around the field, this avoids poaching and muddy areas
  • Very Strong - the hay saver is designed with horse behaviour in mind. It can be kicked around the field and wont split or crack.
  • Reduces Hay Wastage - up to 50% versus feeding from the floor
  • Suitable for use in a Field or Stable / Stable Area
  • Large enough for 2 or 3 horses - PLEASE SEE THE ADDITIONAL IMAGES TAB ABOVE
  • Ideal for Horses on restrictive diets 
  • No Metal Grates to wear your horses teeth
  • MASSIVE 250 Litre Capacity - External dimensions approx. 80cm width x 110cm length x 53cm height
  • Standard Grills - Holes Sizes = 185mm long x 85mm wide 
  • Can hold approximately 1 x small bale of (dry) hay/ haylage.
  • Made from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic.
  • Encourages healthy eating patterns and allows horses to eat at a natural level.
  • Can help to prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression
  • Safe for shod or unshod horses.
  • The hay saver grill will work its way down inside the hay saver when the hay is being eaten. The grill goes down quite low but will never fully go flush with the bottom of the hay saver purely, if the grills were cut down too small, they could easily pull through the top and therefore the hay would fall out.
  • The lid is initially stiff to slide. This eases off in no time with use. It needs to be a snug fit or the lids would slide off to easily over time and the hay would fall out.
  • The hay savers are sent by courier with no wrapping and no instructions. The hay savers are built with horses in mind so are very robust. Therefore, needless plastic wrappings are not required and thus far more beneficial to the environment. They are so easy to use there really is no need for instructions.