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ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wraps - Pair

ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wraps - Pair
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Manufacturer: THINLINE
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A Pair of ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wraps. The ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wraps offer a non-slip, shock-absorbent surface while helping support equestrian knee and ankle pain.

  • Shock Absorption – while sitting on horses or riding in a jumping position, this knee relief stirrup wrap will give you shock absorption proven to support riders and relieve joint impact.
  • Stability – one of the magical properties of ThinLine is how it “sticks” to your boot just enough to keep you feeling secure but never compromises intentional foot placement.
  • Improved Equitation – non-slip shock absorption allows riders to sit the gaits with reduced foot and lower leg movement.
  • Happier Horses – shock-absorbing wraps protect your horse on the flat and over fences by reducing jar of your weight in the stirrups.
  • How does the Ride Right Wrap help knee and ankle discomfort? - designed and patented by the surgeon and lifelong equestrian Dr. James Warson. The wedges relieve uncomfortable knee and ankle angles induced by stirrup position while the shock-absorbing ThinLine material greatly reduces jarring and slip. 

ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wrap sizes are as follows:

  • English -  7 1/4″ long and 5″ wide - BLACK in colour.
  • Western - 9 3/4″ long and 6″ wide - BROWN in colour
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ThinLine Ride Right Stirrup Wraps - Pair
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