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A Review On The Cool Heat Horse Rug

A Review on the Cool Heat Horse Rugs.

I thought I would give you all some detailed feedback from using the Cool Heat Rug’s on Urban Horse Rupert and Chalice that are turned out 24/7 all year round but with access to field shelters. 

Rupert having PPID / Cushings Disease tends to develop an incredibly dense coat that having been un-rugged for most of his life. I have found he has struggled in the last 3 years to regulate his own body temperature and his coat does not shed as other horses do so was often bathed in sweat and lethargic even on cooler days. I decided to clip him out and rug accordingly for the last 3 years, which has really worked for him, and truthfully he is a far happier horse for it. With all the abundance of snow we have had in Cumbria over this winter, I have not had a chance to clip him again so his coat has grown almost ½ of what it normally would reach throughout the winter. So over 2 months ago, he was at the point where he is borderline as to whether he now really needs a rug on or not. I thought this would be an ideal time to trial a Cool Heat Rug on him and I have to admit I LOVE LOVE LOVE this rug. I have found where Roo had a no fill lightweight turnout on, often if you slid your hand down he would feel cold and sometimes damp as if he had been sweating but it was actually a condensation build up where there was no air getting in and the rug was getting damp. Now with the cool heat rug when you put your hand inside he feels slightly warm and you can actually see his hairs raising and decreasing when you look from the neck down. He also does not itch with the cool heat rug as he sometimes did in his lightweight turnout. Therefore, I am pleased with the cool heat rug as it is working well for Rupert’s condition and he is really comfortable in it. 

As I was so impressed with the Cool Heat Rug on Rupert, I decided to use one on Chalice too. Chalice is a thoroughbred cross who does develop a fluffy coat but incredibly thin-skinned and his hair is not dense like Rupert’s would normally be. I do not over rug and normally only use no fill / lightweight or 200 gram turnout rugs on Chalice in the winter. He is a horse mainly due to his breeding and age that I have found cannot be turned out 24/7 without a rug in the winter months. He struggles with the wet weather that we have in abundance in Cumbria. I have found with Chalice by using the cool heat rug like Rupert when you put your hand inside he feels slightly warm and can see his hair raising and decreasing as it would naturally do. Plus the wet isn’t getting to him as of course it is waterproof. Therefore, it is working really well for him.

So I have been really impressed with the Cool Heat Rugs for my two. I was originally sold by the design as I thought it made logical sense that the Cool Heat Rugs allow the hair to naturally raise and decrease when needed and in doing trapping air when the hairs are raised compared to other rugs that mainly flatten the hair follicles. In addition, my findings have been it does exactly as “it says on the tin”. So overall creating a more natural rugging choice for our domesticated horses that need to be rugged.

When initially fitting the cool heat rugs. Even though they fit fabulously on my two I did find the cool heat rugs came up a little on the smaller size. So if your horse is say between a 6ft or 6ft3 in various rug models I would go for the 6ft3 size.

CLICK HERE to see further information on how the Cool Heat Rugs work.


Author Carolyn Hymers - Urban Horse - July 2018

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Cool Heat Horse Rug
Cool Heat Horse Rug
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