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Catago Fir-Tech Leg Wraps / Bandage Liners and Bandage Review

After reading about his struggles with winter laminitis, the lovely folks at Catago kindly sent Urban Horse Rocket Roo some Catago Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners and bandages. Roo was very grateful for their kind gift and promised he, via his mummy, would review them after he had fully trialled them. 

Roo has been using the Catago Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners and bandages together or individually for nearly 2 months now. He has really put them to the test as the winter in Cumbria so far has mainly been lovely and dry but freezing. His legs have needed to be wrapped pretty much 24/7 for months as he struggles to regulate his circulation to his lower limbs / hooves. Wrapping his legs and using hoof boots really help with keeping his legs / hooves warm to try and encourage the blood flow.   

The Fir-Tech properties within the wraps and bandages use ‘Far Infrared Ray Technology’. All Fir-Tech products are lined with a multifunctional infrared polyester fabric that reflects body heat as infrared energy radiation. So where the Fir-Tech products are put against Roo’s legs / skin his natural body heat is reflected back onto his skin. The idea is this warmth helps increase his blood flow to the area where the products touch his skin. The warmth that builds up when using the Fir-Tech products will never cook Roo’s legs and will only keep them warm enough to help encourage more blood flow to his lower limbs / hooves and to try and prevent the onset of winter laminitis. Winter laminitis is caused by a lack of blood flow to the lower limbs / hooves and does not have anything to do with sugar spikes with horses eating frosty grass.  

The Catago Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners are really soft and lightweight. They are supplied in a pair and mould around Roo’s chunky (but beautiful) legs really easily and then they are fixed in place with either the Catago Fir-Tech bandages or something like the Premier Equine fleece polo bandages. The Fir-Tech technology will only work when next to Roo’s skin so anything that goes on top of the Catago leg wraps are purely to keep them in place and will simply act as a bandage. 

The Catago Fir-Tech bandages even though they are titled ‘exercise bandages’ can actually be used for slightly longer periods (no more then 2 hours) because more than half the length of them is actually made from soft fleece. If you need to use them for slightly longer periods it would work better using the Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners underneath for added comfort and wrapping the bandages really loose, as I would never want to cut off any circulation when I am trying to increase the circulation to Roo’s legs / hooves. 

Both the Catago Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners and bandages are lovely quality and wash well too. I always struggle to get quick wrap style leg wraps to fit Roo due to his chunky legs. I find they never close fully at the front so I like using the liners and bandages because they completely cover the whole circumference of his legs and can go lower down over the top of the hoof as well. Plus they stay really secure when Roo is out and moving around on the track. If you wanted a quicker application and have a horse or pony with medium to fine legs and they are stabled then Catago also supply Fir-Tech stable boots. The great thing about the stable boots is that you can also attach the heated tendon pad if extra heat is needed – pretty clever stuff! 

So overall the Catago Fir-Tech leg wraps / bandage liners and bandages get Urban Horse Rocket Roo’s seal of approval.


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Author Carolyn Hymers - Urban Horse 

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