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Monty Roberts Dually Halter - Horse Training Halter with DVD

Monty Roberts Dually Halter - Horse Training Halter with DVD
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Price: £52.95
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Manufacturer: MONTY ROBERTS
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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A Genuine Dually Training Halter by Monty Roberts. Each Dually Training Halter comes with fitting instructions and DVD.

Monty Roberts Dually Halter is an effective training halter for leading and loading that is also humane, practical and easy for anyone to use. The Dually Halter does NOT use excessive poll pressure therefore reducing any cause for soreness or rearing. The Dually Halter has a unique design with an adjustable double noseband, high quality brass hardware, double stitched nylon and left and right side ring designed especially for schooling. Plus suits most horses for long lining and starting and some horses for riding especially if they haven't been going well in bits previously. It can be used as a normal headcollar for tying up. 
 The Dually Halter is available in the following sizes: 

  • Mini - Purple
  • X Small - Green
  • Small - Red
  • Medium - Black
  • Large - Blue 

Mini Dually Measurements
Nose – Minimum 16.5 inches, Maximum 19.5 inches
Head – Minimum 24 inches, Maximum 31 inches
Cheek – From Ring – Ring 4.5 inches

X Small Dually Measurements
Nose – Minimum 19 inches, Maximum 24.5 inches
Head – Minimum 25 inches, Maximum 34 inches
Cheek – From Ring – Ring 6 inches

Small Red Dually Measurements
Nose – Minimum 19.5 inches, Maximum 31 inches
Head – Minimum 29 inches, Maximum 39.5 inches
Cheek – From Ring - Ring 7 inches

Medium Black Dually Measurements
Nose – Minimum 26.5 inches, Maximum 31 inches
Head – Minimum 37 inches, Maximum 45 inches
Cheek - From Ring - Ring 8 inches

Large Blue Dually Measurements
Nose – Minimum 23 inches, Maximum 35 inches
Head – Minimum 38 inches, Maximum 48 inches
Cheek - From Ring - Ring 9 inches

The Dually Halter will fit the following ponies and horses:

  • Mini - will fit a mini shetland / shetland up to a 11hh with a fine head
  • X Small - will fit a 10hh big head pony / Welsh Section A up to a 13hh pony with a fine head
  • Small - will fit a 13hh pony going up to a 15hh with a smaller head
  • Medium - will fit from 14hh big head to a finer 16.2hh
  • Large - will fit 16hh and upwards 

If you are not sure on what size to order please call Urban Horse on 01434 422700

A quick link to the matching Intelligent Horsemanship Style Ropes to be used alongside the Dually Halters:

Fitting the Dually Halter - 

Remember you have the Dually Halter on your horse as a training aid (as an alternative to a bridle, a chifney, a lunge cavesson, a flat halter, rope halter with knots or a halter with a chain over the nose). The reason you are using the Dually is because it won’t damage or desensitise your horse’s mouth, it doesn’t dig in anywhere or work on very sensitive areas of the horse’s face, it doesn’t use excessive poll pressure and when fitted correctly it won’t slip around the horse’s face so you gain more accuracy and control of the horse with less compression than most other options. 'Fitted correctly' is the key phrase here. If you don't take the time to fit the dually correctly, then it will not work the way that it is intended. It is best to take a little extra time getting the fit exactly right if you really want the Dually to help give you excellent results with your horse.

It might take a little while to get used to it needing to go a little higher than you would fit a standard headcollar. This is because the Dually Halter is NOT intended to work on the soft part of the nose. In fact, the upper nose band part should nearly reach the bottom of the horse’s cheekbone to be in the correct position. To fit it this high sometimes it is necessary to undo not only the band across the nose but also the band underneath the chin, fit the Dually high enough by adjusting the headpiece and then do the two lower bands up to secure the Dually firmly but not tightly on the horse’s face. A rough guide would be to ensure you can place two fingers in any section of the Dually and the horse can relax his jaw, but still the Dually won’t slip around on the horse’s eye if pressure is applied on the line from any angle.
Remember you NEVER tie a horse up using the schooling ring of the Dually Halter. This is because if the horse pulls back the schooling ring will continue to tighten across his face and could damage his face. It should be noted even on a normal halter, tying a horse to somewhere with no safety break can result in a damaged poll and broken neck and no horse should be tied up until he has been taught how to lead and to tie.

Horses should never be loose in a stable or field with a Dually (or anything other than a 'fieldsafe headcollar') in case they get caught up in anything. If you wish to travel your horse in a Dually as many people do, just ensure you tie up to the correct (non schooling) ring and that here is nothing in the horsebox that the other rings could get caught up in. If your horse is going to eat hay on his journey (recommended) it is advisable to loosen the Dually off under the chin a few holes so he can move his jaw comfortably. The rings on the Dually will bend or even break under extreme pressure but this should not be relied upon. The Dually Halter is not sold as 'breakable' and 'fieldsafe' as it for the most part training and safety equipment.

Monty Roberts Dually Halter -  Made from the Finest Quality Materials but Affordable!

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Monty Roberts Dually Halter - Horse Training Halter with DVD
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Monty Roberts Dually Halter - Horse Training Halter with DVD
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