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Blocker Tie Ring

Blocker Tie Ring
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Manufacturer: BLOCKER TIE RING
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The Blocker Tie Ring is a unique way to tie a horse securely yet safely. A superb tool for youngsters and for re-training horses who pull back and panic when tied. The Blocker Tie Ring comes with detailed instructions and is easy to assemble and use. It can be fixed anywhere, stable, yard, fence, lorry etc. Ideal for single use or cross tying. The Carabineer fastening gives safe and easy quick release for falls or emergencies. Adjustable resistance levels.  


The Blocker Tie Ring allows a lead rope to pull through the ring, while still safely securing the horse. This secured freedom allows the horse to quickly stop panicking - effectively stopping even severe pullbacks in their tracks.  Other solutions that tie a horse fast and hard, or that have a bungie attachment, do nothing to quell a horse's natural sense of claustrophobia. These solutions can be snapped, broken, or not broken and lead to horse injury if a pullback happens.

Protect your horse from pull back related injuries, including:

  • Poll and cervical injuries
  • Lacerations from broken hardware
  • Nerve damage
  • Panic falls

Mag-Loc feature holds the tongue in place, making the tie ring super stable so it can be mounted at any height. In addition to cross ties, single ties, grooming and tack areas, trailers, high lines and picket lines, you can even mount the Tie Ring on hitch rails. The stays on either side of the tongue prevent the tongue from sliding around the ring so your horse can safely pull slack from any angle. The new specially designed quick snap makes it easy to move the Tie Ring from location to location. You can take your horse away from home knowing he can be safely tied just about anywhere. 

Please note - the Blocker Tie Ring is chrome plated. If left outside and exposed to all weathers 24/7. Rust will slowly form on the surface but it is just topical and wont effect the functionality of the Blocker Tie Ring. 

The Patented Blocker Tie Ring includes a quick snap for easy attachment.

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Blocker Tie Ring
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