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Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot Poly Pads - Pair

Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot Poly Pads - Pair
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Price: £18.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: URBAN-16720
Manufacturer: CAVALLO
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A Pair of Cavallo Big Foot Poly Pads. Poly Pads are designed to fit your existing Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boots. One size fits all Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boots. 

The Cavallo Big Foot Poly Pads will provide extra cushioning for your horse's hooves within their Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boots.

The Cavallo BFB Poly Pads are moulded from specially formulated industrial grade polymer compound to help absorb everyday shock plus provide your horse with additional comfort while on the trails. Cavallo’s Enhanced Hoof Protection Pad inserted into your hoof boot absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimizes fatigue. Cavallo’s advanced technology brings a new dimension to comfort. 

Cavallo Big Foot Poly Pads are available in the following sizes: 

  • One Size Fits All Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boots - Simply Cut the Pads to Size (Cavallo sizes 7 to 10)

Extremely good memory and almost no deformation during usage. The superb flexibility, dampening and biomechanical properties makes this the best pad for both riding and rehabilitation. 

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Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot Poly Pads - Pair
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